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Draught stripped & double glazed windows:

Check out the photos of our windows which are fully draught stripped and are double glazed with some energy efficient glass. We can fit new purpose made, double glazed sashes into your existing box frames. With our vast majority of our existing Victorian/Edwardian timbers within box frame windows still are in sound condition. So you […]


Draught proofing and restoration

Would you love to travel back to those old and precious Victorian or Georgian times? We are here to bring your original windows and doors back to life whether you live in a conservation area, or just would like to keep your original finishing. Here are our best draught-proofing and restoration service that can eliminate […]


Redecoration or Renovation

Looking someone to replace that old yard and fix the exteriors with some new and unique redecorations? You have come to the right place probably, because our team members are here to provide you some amazing details with most wonderful renovation services that will change the entire look of your home or property. In the […]


Sash preservation work

Our professional team is diligent enough to combine the beauty of traditional sashes with the advantages of double glazing. We can help return your home’s sash window back to its former glory with some minimum mess and fuss. As you are seeing the picture, our team is here to preserve the sash and working to […]


Sash Cord Replacement

Sash Cord Replacement In our sash cord replacement work, we have removed the excess rott and the timber was treated for rott using a reliable timber preservative. After that new hardwood pieces were cut and then planed to fabricate some missing pieces. Then we replicated the entire exterior portion that is visible in the picture. […]


Final finish on restored porch

Final finish on restored window: Drenched by the heavy rain, beaten by the sun, and covered in snow, porches are most vulnerable to a single whim of the weather, and consequently require extra maintenance than the rest of the house. At ‘we repair any sash’ our expert joiners and surveyors are strongly committed to provide you […]


Sash maintenance work

Sash maintenance work This sash was completely rotted beyond repair and it was quite hard to maintain it in a best shape. The window had several extensive areas of rot, which was not enough to warrant any kind of replacement. Then the sash was removed and taken to our specialist joiner to replicate. After replicating […]